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About us

     Because the basis of any success is a close connection between team members, our friendship was the impetus to create great things.

     We present ourselves as two dynamic, active, energetic, creative young women, the sign of Gemini, "run away"!


     Ioana - I graduated from the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism - Specialization in Furniture and Interior Design, Master - Trends, Materials and New Technologies in Interior Architecture, within the Faculty of Architecture Timișoara, at the Polytechnic University of Timișoara.

     Adina - I graduated from the Faculty of Management in Production and Transport - Specialization Engineering and Management, Master - Computer Systems applied in Production and Services within the Faculty of Automation and Computers, at the Polytechnic University of Timișoara.

     We like to combine the useful with the pleasant, travel being another common passion of ours. We have both traveled so far, benefiting from exchanges of experience. Interaction with other cultures and other people has contributed to our formation, to what we are today.




     We both always wanted to open an event organization company, but in a different way, and our meeting made it possible to achieve this dream. We are registered with the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property, we hold the title of ONLINE EVENT ORGANIZER, having the copyright registered with the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks.

The establishment of the company took place very quickly, thanks to a very prompt, well-organized company, which we always warmly recommend.

This was followed by the purchase of the domain and the creation of social networking pages, official addresses, all in parallel with the documents and the confirmation of the copyright ones.

We designed the project for the realization of the platform, the way it works, this materialized after weeks of market analysis and intense work.

We have received many questions about the fact that we have chosen to invest considerable sums in the midst of the pandemic. Because, although it was a huge risk, we must be aware that everything has passed in the online environment, the opening market is large.

     In the near future we plan to complete the implementation of the online store which will be a real surprise, not just a simple product stores.

Our services will be up to date and we will always remain open to the needs of our customers.




     The first impression always matters, whether we are talking about the image of a company or the image of a person!

Although we are at the beginning of the road, we realized that we have to put ourselves in the place of the client, the beneficiary of the services offered by our company. It is necessary to understand the needs of each party, to correlate things, to be consistent. Thus, we offer seriousness, involvement, professionalism.

     A successful business from our point of view involves a continuous activity, done every day with the same openness to the needs of the market.




     On behalf of our company, CAIA Advertise, we meet. Thus, it represents the sum of the initials of our first and last names, each representing a different niche. It was born during a meeting between friends and is proof that good friends are with us unconditionally:










     The logo template, as a graphic element, brings together components of our names into one. The same connection is found between the sections of the company. Although they are different, they are characterized by both diversity, but especially unity. All this gives our company credibility and seriousness.




     Famous personalities in the world of architecture and not only, inspired us in our choices. Going beyond simple architects and different entrepreneurs who work in various fields and are points of inspiration worldwide.

Proportion, a defining element in any field. Likewise, our company promotes the same principles, starting from our logo, which is our defining element, thus managing to draw a perfect balance between the image and the services offered.

     Attentive to details, seriously, we made the difference between the wishes of employees and their real needs, being attentive to the existing demand and supply on the market.






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© Copyright 2024 CAIA ADVERTISE
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